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I N T U I T I V E   R E A D I N G S

     "Guinevere provides not just a reading but a transformative experience."
     L. B.,  Venice, CA

“I have been seeing Guinevere for insight and advice for three years. The first time I saw her it was for fun since I was a skeptic and unfamiliar with psychics. She was very specific with her projections and within a month they were a reality! I became a believer. Guinevere is AMAZING in providing insight with current events with the tarot cards. When she uses the Angel cards, they always touch my heart by stating what I needed to hear. Guinevere is full of love and she has a gift to be able to surround you with that loving energy. I always feel uplifted emotionally and spiritually after a session with her. You will not regret your session with her, in fact you will find peace and feel so balanced that you’ll wonder why you didn’t go earlier. I highly recommend Guinevere!!!”
- A. G., Pasadena, CA

“Hi Guinevere…..thank you for helping me today….I really liked your energy. Great reading and really what I needed: a reader who has a higher consciousness and outlook on what it means to be here! Great reader, connected quickly and helps you see things from a higher level. I will reconnect with you again…..take care”
- N.

“Guinevere is an intuitive with more than the traditional gifts. She is inspired to guide you from a deep sense of your inner soul needs, connected to her wisdom and connection with you, creating a unique exchange of energy and information that can be used and applied immediately to create the changes you may need to make, to reach the outcomes you desire. Guinevere provides not just a reading but a transformative experience.”
- L.B., Venice, CA
My Heart ~ I've received readings from Guinevere for several years now. I look at her not only as a wonderful intuitive psychic but as a friend. She has guided me through some of the most difficult moments of my life with stunning accuracy.  I once had a reading from the famous psychic Irene Hughes and I find Guinevere as accurate if not more so, than that reading I had from Mrs. Hughes.  Guinevere fills my heart. She sets my soul at rest. She is truly one of the great treasures. - J.C. Los Angeles, CA
Guinevere is always so soothing and has helped me through some tough times. She is always spot on and knows exactly how to help keep your peace of mind. She is the only one I trust for insight on difficult situations. Thanks for always being there!  - K.G  Seattle, WA

Readings with Guinevere have been absolutely wonderful. I go to her not just to take a look into the future, but to get a better insight & understanding into what is currently happening in my field & what I can do to align my energy better.  Her voice, her energy, & her spirit are so lovely--everything she says rings true & helps to bring awareness in such a loving way that you leave feeling lighter & more clear. I trust in all that she says, because it lights up in my soul as truth. With her ability to pick up on emotions, she is able to bring in the truth, unlike most readers, who can extract information that is not of the whole truth. She is not only a wonderful reader, but a wonderful human being. Guinevere is the absolute best. A gift from the Universe, truly 🙂   - Kristina Licare, Los Angeles

“I have been reading with Guinevere for over three years now. I have always wanted to write a review because she is so freakishly RIGHT….ON…POINT…ALL…THE…TIME with her readings. She is on point with events, dates, and people. I am particularly motivated to write because she told me about 3 months ago something was going to happen, she told me the time frame and the sequence of events leading up the larger one…as one prediction would come through, I would call her and she would give me more information..She did this with startling accuracy. Not only will she tell you what you don’t want to hear, she will look at the cards for a way around to getting the results that you would like! She is warm sweet, honest, and caring..at this point I need to have weekly ‘therapy’ sessions with her because she is quite the reader. I highly recommend her to anyone. I am also a reader and can smell a fish from a thousand paces. She is the real deal. “
- A., Los Angeles, CA

“As an intuitive, I am particular with whom I see when I need spiritual guidance and support. Guinevere’s readings are incredibly insightful, healing, accurate and come from integrity. She has a special gift and I am constantly amazed by the beauty and light in her readings. Thank you, Guinevere. You truly are an angel.”
- Carrie Keller, Life Aromatherapy, Santa Monica, CA

“At first I thought she is so off because she was saying things that weren’t even in my world, but then it all HAPPENED! She sees beyond what even you can see or expect to happen in life. So far 80% of all she has shared has happened. The 20% still has time to…..That’s quite accurate from my point of view. She is very gentle and comes from the heart, which is very important when someone tunes into your energy. Thank you!”
- Rita, Los Angeles, CA

“I highly recommend Guinevere. As an intuitive person myself, I look for a reader with the highest of integrity, compassion and wisdom. Guinevere is that reader. She has helped me highly during one of the roughest times of my life. She is a true angelic spirit, very sweet. I never felt rushed with her or that anything I said or questions I had were silly to her (and it wasn’t easy subject matter). She is very caring and compassionate as well as easy to speak with. Her intuition, guidance and judgment are very accurate and I would recommend her to anyone needing sound advice and a caring, wise soul.”
- C. M., Los Angeles, CA

“Guinevere is one of the best mediums I’ve ever had the pleasure with which to work. Not only is she incredibly “tuned in” and accurate, but she has a heart of gold. When you meet her, you instantly recognize she’s in a different class than most. I highly recommend her — her readings are priceless!”
- K. H., Arizona

“Guinevere is, quite simply, the most gifted psychic I have ever encountered! She is on-point with her readings every time. I’ve seen no less than a dozen psychics in the past and no one can hold a candle to her.  I have not been to anyone else since meeting her. She is clear and precise and always compassionate as a gifted messenger. You will be amazed at the accuracy of her insight. Promise!”
- C., North Hollywood, CA

"During a reading with Guinevere, I receive more than just insight into my current and future situations; sitting with her is an experience in itself.  The energy in the room seems to shift and I feel myself enter into a lovely conscious meditative state. Everything in my mind, body, and soul gently relaxes and enters a complete state of peace.  Pretty wonderful..  And during this lovely experience she provides clear, accurate, enlightening insight and helps me to decipher the most beneficial way to navigate through what lies ahead. Her readings are clear and her guidance is intelligent, but also nurturing.  Just make sure you book a decent amount of time with her, as time flew, my first reading was meant to only be for 15 minutes but I then spent a lovely hour in her sweet presence without even realizing it!”
- Sarah Tiefenthaler, Owner and Founder of YogAqua, Marina Del Rey, CA

I tend to have readings with Guinevere whenever I feel confused and in need of clarity.  In my experience, Guinevere is compassionate, has the highest integrity and the best intentions, and always comes from a place of love and non-judgment.   She has no agenda other than to provide the information the client seeks. I always leave her readings feeling enlightened, with the clarity I was seeking, and with a sense of optimism and hope."
- I. P.,  Los Angeles, CA

"I met with Guinevere to ask for help with a situation that was about to happen in my life that I was not quite sure how to handle. She gave me advice and some preparation work to do which I dutifully did and it was only afterwards that I realized how 'spot on' she was and how important this prep work was and how much it helped me. I am so grateful to her for sharing her gifts from the universe with us. Thank you Guinevere, from the bottom of my heart!"
- Philomena., Los Angeles, CA

"I was going through a really difficult time in my personal life earlier this year. Getting in touch with Guinevere was a blessing, as her readings helped bring me from the depth of despair & depression to feeling positive and optimistic about my future again. Her warm energy and encouraging spirit is very soothing, and her predictions are always spot-on. She's truly intuitive and has a natural gift for seeing what's really going on."
- Elicia., Los Angeles

“I had a wonderful reading with Guinevere. She was really accurate and was able to pick up on everything I was feeling over the phone, she was able to read into all the people involved and she was so accurate. I am amazed! Wonderful, gentle, honest, and not only gave me the information but also how to handle what I just learned in the most emotionally healthy way for myself. Strongly recommended.”
- Q.O.W., Los Angeles, CA

"A truly talented channel + psychic. On one occasion, she told me I'd meet an older woman who'd help me publish my book, the very next day I came back to Mystic Journey Bookstore and magically met the woman that Guinevere described in her reading. Guinevere is the real deal."
- Adam Banning., Culver City, CA

“I got a reading from Guinevere a few months ago and I’m so glad I wrote down the information she gave me because it was so helpful and I reflect back on it quite often. She really got to the core of what I wanted to know, she was filled with information and even brought up some things I had no idea about that was very relevant and helped expand my awareness of the situation. She was very soft, I enjoyed talking with her and so far she has given me by far the best information. Again as I said, she really got to the core of the real issue I was asking about and provided me with such valuable information. I am so grateful!”
- Jeannine., Los Angeles

“Thank you so much for your love and amazing energy.”
- N., Costa Mesa, CA

"When I am in need of feeling grounded and guided, I see Guinevere.  She is a positive light that is so accurate about where you are and where you are headed.  She has always been right about everything and she takes you on a journey of possibility.  Guinevere has become a staple in my life that I have no choice but to bring all of my family and friends to her…it would be selfish of me not to.”
- Renee G., Los Angeles, CA

"Guinevere has patiently guided me through some very difficult times through her readings. In retrospect,
I can see she has always delivered absolutely accurate information with warmth and an open heart. I couldn't recommend her more."
- J. B., Los Angeles, CA

"Had the best reading ever!!!!I Love Guinevere, she’s an absolute angel."
- Negin F., Marina Del Rey

"I had a reading with Guinevere and she is lovely! Not only was her energy sincere and warm, but her reading was spot on with what I’ve been going through in my life. She tuned into my energy quickly and bless her heart, had so much to say we ran out of time but the hour I spent with her helped me to clarify many things I’ve felt but have not either had trust in or figured out on my own. My guides barely gave her time to breathe they had so much to say! I will definitely be back to have Guinevere read me again. I love her! I felt like I was connecting with someone I’ve known before. She makes you instantly comfortable and I felt safe and full of curiosity like a little child. Thank you Guinevere! See you soon! Love and light to all!”
- L.., Los Angeles

B O O K   F R E S H

Di P. says: I didn't say anything up front. I just asked about my love life in general. She told me that it seemed like someone was coming back into my life. Then she asked whether it was from this lifetime or another one and settled on the current one. The fact is that someone from my recent past resurfaced. I knew that what came next was on the nose. As always, the message was delivered with love and empathy.  10/22/2015

Thankful Soul
Malika says: G! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts. Your spirit exudes through the phone. I felt safe, informed and powerful. Thanks again!  7/17/2015

Shawna C says: I had a magical session with Guinevere. My mother died recently, and she gave me guidance on how to open the lines of communication with her. She also gave me an overall reading on my life and other issues I'm dealing with. She even stayed with me much longer than my allotted time to make sure we covered everything I needed. She is very selfless and interested in you receiving what you need to receive. I think she is open to helping people, no matter what beliefs you have because she words things in a way that all people can receive and understand. She gave me advice and offered suggestions that I had never thought of before, such as using crystals, and told me where to get them at the best, most fair, price. She was very interested in helping me achieve the openness to receive what I need now and in the future. She is very open and has a beautiful spirit which makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed to open up fully. She offered insight about one of the people in my life that I hadn't thought of before, but it was very accurate. All of the insights and advice she gave were accurate for my life. Afterwards, I felt happy and more tuned into my mom being with me and also felt more confident and positive about issues I had been dealing with. She also was very professional and flexible in working with me on my schedule. She tuned me in to the magic of life, which is something we all should be aware of and tuned to. Highly recommend to anyone!!  Los Angeles, CA. 4.03/2015

E N E R G E T I C   A L I G N M E N T

"I have found throughout my years of seeking healers and psychic readers that the best outcome from a healing session comes from me trusting the healer.
I really gravitate towards the healers that manifest healing energy through prior psychic readings. I look for a reader that will deliver the truth, and have the compassion that I need to receive from them, even if the truth is not so pleasant.
After receiving many readings over a span of a year and a half with Guinevere, I felt confident to allow her to do a healing on me over the phone. There is such a sweet spirit that manifests with Guinevere and as I soon found out, she is able to send this sweet energy over the phone. With my phone on "speaker", she guided me through a journey of total relaxation and ultimately feeling my oneness with the universe and how important I am to it. Guinevere knows that we all have purpose here and she has a wonderful way of encouraging it out of my deepest depths from within. She is truly a treasure."
- Duck Lady., CA

"Guinevere recently did a long distance healing on me. I felt the bed vibrating during the healing and drifted off to sleep during the process. I awoke feeling a sense of peace, despite the stressful events in my life. It's been two weeks since the healing and the sense of calm has continued."
- I. P., Los Angeles, CA


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