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Readings are available via phone or Skype by appointment only.  

If you would like a phone/Skype reading and you already know the day and time you want, please email Guinevere.  For same day, she will try to accommodate your needs if it is at all possible, but please technically allow at least 24 hours for a response. 

For Skype please notate you would like a Skype session in your email.   

Once we confirm your booking time, please make your payment before your session via the blue and black PayPal link that is at the middle of this page.

Please note that you session is not confirmed until payment is made.

If you need to cancel or change an appointment please give 24 hours notice.  There are no refunds, but with 24 hours notice you can reschedule your appointment.   

For long distance energy work please email for days and times.  






Photo By SamanthaShada.com

Photo By SamanthaShada.com

Guinevere’s readings start out with a clean, general read of you and your life, without you having to give any information to her, as she likes to make sure that she is reading and connecting with you properly, If not, she will stop the reading and there is no charge.  If you would like to begin the reading and focus on specific questions, she will of course, honor and be okay with what you would like to do, because it is, after all, your reading.

She believes in the connection i.e. you being open to the reading and what needs to be said by SOURCE, your Guides and Angels and her being able to read you because you are open.  Guinevere will never push a reading if it is not flowing.  There can be many reasons why you both aren’t connecting at that moment in time. It can be that you are not supposed to have a reading that particular day, that you and Guinevere are just not connecting (which can happen and is okay) or that there is someone better suited for you to read with on that specific day.  There can be so many variables.

Guinevere will never tell you that you have to come back to work with her, she leaves that up to you, to see, feel and decide if you would like to come back and focus further on any clearing, insights, or specific goals etc.  The choice is up to you and as in all things, you must go with your intuition in regards to choosing anyone or anything  to help you on your journey in this life.

“The most important factor to getting a good reading, is you just being open in your thought process.  Because the bottom line is, the reading is about you and if you have all sorts of walls up, for whatever reason, it will be harder for an intuitive to read you properly.”
~ Guinevere


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Guinevere asks for you to please understand, that due to obvious time constraints in a day, she does all of her correspondence via email.  
Primary email:     g u i n e v e r e s i n t u i t i v e @ g m a i l . c o m
Back-up email:    o n e 4 p e a c e l o v e @ y a h o o . c o m
Guinevere will try to get back to you as quickly as possible, but please do allow at least 24-48 hours for a response. :o)   Also, she can book up quite quickly, so please do be patient in regards to booking an appointment. All readings/sessions are via phone, skype and email only. If you need an appointment outside of her normal work hours or if you would like to have an in person intuitive reading, please email her and she will do her best to try to accommodate your request, if it is possible.
***Please note: for a session/reading/email/party to be considered confirmed, it must be prepaid via /PayPal/Square. You do not have a confirmed appointment time until you pre-pay.  Same day readings must be booked and paid for no less than one hour in advance of reading time for the Square booking system. If you are trying to book less than one hour in advance you can try emailing her but she cannot promise she will be able to accommodate your request.  The PayPal open amount link is for regular payments and also for payments of any extensions in reading time.  Just click on the PAYPAL link for open amounts located right under booking and just above "What to Expect In A Reading." All reading times are given in PST/PDT.  If you are calling from another state or are out of the country, it is your responsibility to call at the correct time. Due to scheduling, you must call on time. If you are late in calling it will unfortunately cut into your session time. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. No exceptions. If you miss your scheduled session time, there will be no refunds. You must notify Guinevere, via email, 24 hours in advance of your scheduled session time to be able to reschedule. ***Please note: all energy work is done via long distance.



By using this website and working with Guinevere you agree to the following:
You must be 18 years of age to purchase.  All sales are final.  Credit for any rescheduled readings/energy work expire one year from date of purchase.  By purchasing an intuitive psychic reading/energy work on this site you agree that you have read this disclaimer and take full responsibility for your interpretation and actions that you may take based on information that you receive from: gintuitivepsychic.com and gintuits.com.  No guarantees are stated or implied in regards to the relevancy or accuracy of any readings or energy work. All spiritual readings/energy work which includes tarot cards, angel/fairy oracle cards, mediumship, channeling, dream interpretation or any other vehicle or method is not an exact science and is presented solely for your personal entertainment and enjoyment.  All spiritual readings/energy work that is given in person, over the phone, via Skype, text, or by email are meant to be for entertainment purposes only and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or mental health advice.  Please consult a legal adviser, physician or a mental health professional, for any issues needing professional attention. Any and all testimonials given here have not been paid for and in no way mean to imply or guarantee that others will have the same experience.

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