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Posted on May 23, 2015 on The Mystic Journey Bookstore Blog

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, intuitive reader Guinevere channeled a special message “in remembrance and honoring of all of our fallen military service members, law enforcement, firefighters, and any being that we have loved and held dear in our lives, who have since passed over”.

As we all know, Memorial Day reminds us to remember and to think about them; their lives as well as how these beings, that we loved influenced our own life. Every year on this day, my own personal thoughts go to my Aunt, who proudly served during World War II, as a WAVE stationed in Hawaii. I will always remember what she taught me, the courageous life that she led, the adventurer that she was, and how she now rests under a beautiful willow tree in a national cemetery.  I have her folded flag from the ceremony in a special place and the song Taps makes me think of her and always makes me cry. Life is so beautiful and precious and happy and sad and everything in between. Life, through the many hardships that we all have to endure at one point or another, helps us to feel and become more compassionate and loving beings to ourselves and to one another, if we truly allow it.

It is, as we all know, or will come to know depending on our age, it is inevitable that at some point in time we will unfortunately lose something that we love. Be it a human being, an animal, or even a place or thing that we are attached to, Love is Love.

The most important thing to remember is that nothing really ever ends, even if, while in our physical existence, it may feel like it does. So please stay open to your own personal signs and messages from beyond, from your loved ones, be it in a song, a sentence, a sign, or even a license plate, because They are there, and so are the signs, we just need to be open and stay open, in the midst of our sometimes hectic daily lives to really be able to see and feel them, but they will not give up in trying to help us to truly see!

One must try to find a way to believe, no matter what, for we are and always will be FOREVER…

With Much Love, Guinevere xo

Guinevere is Clairvoyant (sees), Clairaudient (hears), Clairsentient (feels), Claircognizant (knows), a Medium, and a Channel. Her readings specialize in Intuitive Life Path and Angelic Guidance. During your session, she will incorporate channeled messages from your Guides as well as tools like Tarot Cards, Angel Oracle Cards, Fairy Oracle Cards and various crystals to help clarify what is most needed for you at this time on your journey.

Guinevere is able to see a person’s energetic blueprint and intuitively zero-in on what needs to be cleared and shifted energetically. She can then provide specific, guided steps that are needed to help facilitate that change. In her 15 years of professional intuitive experience and extensive traveling, Guinevere has amassed an international clientele who can attest to the happiness, clarity, and light that her readings have provided them.